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Shipping & Deliveries

Shipping and Delivery Information

Our mailboxes ship freight via Southeastern Freight and prices vary according to the destination address.

Mailboxes are shipped boxed on a pallet. Only select a “business” address at checkout if your commercial address can accept freight deliveries (i.e., an 18-wheeler can legally access the streets leading to your business address. Otherwise, select “residence” if not capable of receiving these types of deliveries.

Delivery size and weight of the Manatee Mailbox is 64″ height x 40″ width x 30″ depth at 75 lbs.
Delivery size and weight of the Dolphin Mailbox is 60″ height x 36″ width x 22″ depth at 55 lbs.

Our Baby Manatee Statues ship via FedEx at a flat rate of $79.95.

Delivery size and weight of the Baby Manatee Statue is 36″ height x 22″ width x 18″ depth at 20 lbs.

International shipping is available – please call to arrange international shipping 305-393-6791.