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Shipping and Delivery Information

Mailbox Shipping:

Our mailboxes ship via freight by Southeastern Freight. Your shipping price will be calculated in the cart and is specific for your destination address. All Mailboxes incur a $24.99 Freight Handling Fee due to the time and materials needed to palletize your mailbox for its journey.

Mailboxes are placed on a pallet and shrinkwrapped for protection against nicks and scratches. When you receive your Mailbox, please take off the shrinkwrap and inspect it for any damage BEFORE you accept the delivery from the carrier. It’s very rare, but in case your Manatee or Dolphin have a blemish, we can get a new one out to you if you decline the shipment at that time. Otherwise, shipping will need to be paid in order to exchange the Mailbox.

Please unwrap and inspect your Mailbox before you accept delivery. In the rare case Mr. or Mrs. Mailbox obtained a scratch or nick during transit, decline the delivery and we will ship you a new one!

Almost all deliveries are to residential addresses. Even if your address is that of a business, beware that only specific business addresses that are capable of accepting an 18-wheeler can receive the commercial shipping rate. We will charge an upcharge for shipping costs if you ship commercial freight to an address that cannot accommodate the freight truck.

  • Delivery size and weight of the Manatee Mailbox is 64″ height x 40″ width x 30″ depth at 75 lbs.
  • Delivery size and weight of the Dolphin Mailbox is 60″ height x 36″ width x 22″ depth at 55 lbs.

Statue Shipping:

Our Baby Manatee Statues ship via FedEx.

  • Delivery size and weight of the Baby Manatee Statue is 36″ height x 22″ width x 18″ depth at 20 lbs.

International Shipping:

International shipping is available. We use a freight forwarder in Miami for these shipments. You have your choice of freight forwarder so you can comparison shop for delivery to your country. We recommend searching for “Miami Freight Forwarder” in your favorite search engine.

We will package and deliver the Mailbox to your forwarder of choice in Miami for $100 and they will carry it safely the rest of the journey to your overseas destination address. Please note: Some of our international customers require a wood shipping crate. If you need a crate the cost will be $120 additional.

We are happy to help you however we can in this process. Call to arrange international shipping at +1-305-587-7287.

Local Pickup:

Local pickup is easy! We are located at MM89 in Tavernier in the Florida Keys. Simply give us a call at 305-587-7287 or email us to set an appointment to pick up your Mailbox or Statue.