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The one and only Original Florida Keys Manatee and Dolphin Mailboxes. Hand made from High Quality fiberglass with a Gel Coat and beach sand finish. Totally weather proof, solid fiberglass body with polyurethane mailbox. Original designs sculpted by Disney trained artist. Our mailboxes are 100% hand made in the USA. Sold nation wide for more than 15 years our mailboxes are a Florida Keys favorite and for anyone looking for the ultimate tropical mailbox. People will know you love the tropics and the Florida Keys when they see your whimsical mailbox displays outside your home. Regulation US Postal height our mailboxes come in a Dolphin design, Manatee design and Baby Manatee Statue design. Manatee and Dolphin mailboxes were made approximately 15 years ago by a Disney Trained Artist and Sculptor. Our mailboxes were designed with the Florida Keys and tropical Lifestyle in mind.

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