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Fiberglass Mailbox Manufacturer For Sale

Fiberglass Mailbox Manufacturer For Sale

Islamorada, Florida Keys

Valued at $200,000

Established 2006

Gross Revenue$120,000
Net Profit$60,000
Delivery & Installation$25,000

About The Business

The Manatee & Dolphin molds are trademarked and protected. Many years ago we contracted one of the nations best sculptors who happened to be passing time in the Florida Keys to sculpt us a manatee and dolphin mailbox. It has been over 20 years and we have sold thousands of these beautiful sculptures. The product is already all over FL. Beginning with the FL Keys, Miami, Marco Island, Sanibel and many others the manatee mailboxes sell themselves. Over 90% of our sales come from our website www.manateemailboxes.com. Because people already see these mailboxes all over FL and nationwide, you get orders everyday from people seeing them during their travels. We have an extensive list of people who have purchased our mailboxes all over the nation and internationally. This business can be moved anywhere  and if you have the ability to manufacturer your net profit increases substantially.


Every year, Community Housing and Resources in Sanibel purchases a number of Manatee Mailboxes for their Manatee Madness benefit auction. The manatees are hand-painted and decorated by local artists and auctioned, raising thousands of dollars each.

See this year’s auction here: https://www.32auctions.com/organizations/81732/auctions/100272.

Other fundraising opportunities like this can be promoted for additional income streams for this business.

Our molds.